Neighborhood Insight (Buurtinzicht) is a (data) platform and website that we use to inform people about their local neighborhood.  The central idea is to present highly user friendly city-data dashboards in the online platforms of the local communities. By using data from the Municipality, Social Media and possibly by using participatory data. Users will be able to get a better insight within their neighborhood and become more informed, which helps them to make better decisions. By connecting to existing local (online) communities we connect to the users of these platforms and support local networks in empowering their users.

Within the Buurtinzicht project we created a platform to show how big data, social media analysis and participatory data can empower local urban communities. We created a highly user friendly city-data dashboard that can be used by local community platforms in order to get meaningful (data) insights in order for them to make better, well informed decisions. We have successfully implemented our platform within a neighborhood community website (halloijburg.nl) and were able to provide meaningful insights  by providing data and data visualizations on several themes.

Website (buurtinzicht.nl)